About Trinity Site

Trinity Site, New Mexico

My most recent visit was to Trinity Site in New Mexico in 2016. Trinity Site was where the worlds first Atomic Bomb was detonated on July 16, 1945 culminating from the Manhattan Project and the future bombings in Nagasaki and Hiroshima Japan.

A Little About Trinity Site

When you first drive into Trinity Site you will see Jumbo which is the containment vessel that would have been used to place the plutonium core into if the bomb had not detonated. It was not used and in later years they used TNT inside of it and blew the ends off. From there you pass the outer perimeter fence with the "Radioactive Materials" signs on it. It is about a 450 yard walk to the inner fence where the actual bomb was detonated. There was a booth right outside the inner fence displaying "trinitite" which is glass created by the heat of the blast on sand. They had a Geiger counter next to it and from the clicking you could hear and see the radiation level was still there. There were numerous signs telling of the differences in the radiation at the site and everyday exposures. there were some historical signs with pictures of the event. They have a spire monument made from lava rock that sits on the true ground zero. The tower stood where the monument stands now with the bomb on it 100 feet above the ground. There are some remenents of the tower footings as the tower was vaporized in the blast. Nearby is a flatbed trailer with an actual "Fat Boy" bomb on it that was diffused shortly after Word War II ended. Near that is a contained area with a shed looking cover that is over the hole where most of the "trinitite" was graded into. It once had a viewing window in it but is now closed as they say the trinitite is covered with sand and can no longer be seen. Along the inner fence are many pictures taken during the building of the bomb. I apoligize for some of the pictures being at angles but there were many people there (1000's) and I took them where I was able to get standing room. I found the visit very interesting as my Mother was re-married to a man that actually worked in the Manhattan Project and has since passed on. He told me many stories about his time there and about being in a nearby bunker during this detonation.

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